Ocean Freight

Our competitive edge:

  • Full Container Load (FCL) & Less-than Container Load (LCL) services
  • Partnership with global & regional carriers
  • Extensive global network

By utilizing a robust global network, ANX provides flexible, secure, and integrated ocean freight services whether globally or regionally. Our expertise includes the ability to connect ocean freight with other services such as air freight, intermodal freight transport, or customs intermediary. Moreover, customers know that we understand their worldviews, and we work to support them and also their business. We present end-to-end logistic solutions, from finding the best schedule for shipment, choosing the best way to manage it, integrating value-added services, to constantly giving reliable and high-quality services.

Full Container Load (FC)

Due to our strong connections with various carriers, we can get the most suitable space, schedule, and even price according to
customers’ needs. Our FCL service is also supported with a web-based tracking system that allows you to obtain visibility of your shipment status.

Less-than Container Load (LCL)

Our reliable LCL service gives the flexibility for customers to meet various needs. We provide consolidated services for a more complex shipment, helping you to manage shipment fee and schedule. There is also the web-based tracking system to give you control of the shipment’s visibility.

Non-containerized Cargo (project, military, and diplomat cargo)

Our competitive edge:

  • Cargo-readiness checking at every port
  • Loading and unloading supervision
  • Port-handling service

It can be a challenge to handle non-containerized cargo, not to mention the large-sized spare parts used to ship it. But with our wide array of skills and experiences, we can guarantee safe mobility. Furthermore, we have the track record to always innovate in order to determine the most effective logistics of shipping — our dedicated team has deep knowledge for all transportation modes and various types of cargo.